November Dinner Party

Lally with a basket of Medlars and Hawthorn Berries. 

Dried Crushed Chestnuts

Wild Pigeon Hearts destined for Pigeon Pate. The carcasses went on to be a Pigeon reduction for the  roast partridge, and the breasts and livers await their fate in the freezer.

Partridges from a shoot in West Sussex

Hawthorn Jelly Sheets.

The Menu

+Raviolo of Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnut, Jerusalem Artichoke Broth and Bubbles

+Roast Partridge, Bone-Marrow Beignet, Cider-braised Turnips, Medlar Pudding, Pear Crisp

+Bitter Chocolate Cake, Quince Semi-Freddo, Hawthorn Jellies


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