Eat Your Heart Out at Bitesize Festival

Remnants of the performance by Kindle Theatre, at the Warwick Arts Centre






The 'Menu'

   + Parma Violet 'Blood'
          Parma Violet Syrup, Arrowroot, Red Colouring

   + Ground 'Bones'
          Toasted Rice Cakes, Beef Fat, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Bacon

   + Candy Floss 'Hair'
          Chilli Powder, Yellow Sugar


Olivia said...

Hello, It was lovely to see you all yesterday and thanks once again for the brilliant menu you responded with to the studio version of EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

I was thrilled with how the 'blood' gushed out of the bucket and onto the white table and how the hair floated in the awaiting hands of smiling audience members. It was both grotesque and playful. Some audience held back but some were only too willing to be complicit in the slaughter of one of their own. I saw many hands marked with blood even after the performance had ended.
See you all again, Olivia x

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