A winter Canape Menu..

As London begins to freeze we are preparing for a small private event at which we will make canapés and cook a main course for 30 guests. Inspired by the onset of winter and some of the esoteric british ingredients that are still bountiful despite the cold, we shall prepare a tasting menu in miniature, as follows:

Scallops with 'Belle de Jour' Apples

Cured Mackerel with Sea Buckthorn and Sea Aster

Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Wigmore Cheese

Jerusalem Artichoke with Black Truffles

Beef with Horseradish and Cavolo Nero

Smoked Venison with Celeriac and Sourdough Toast

Malt Meringue with Whipped Chestnut

After the small bites, there will follow:

Lamb Noisette with Chervil Root, Baby Carrots and their Tops

Gilthead Bream with Parsley Root, Brussel Sprouts


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