Adventures in Yoghurt

We were asked to create a spread of miniature dishes for a corporate event in January produced by Polly Betton of Teatime Productions. The dishes were to be based on a range on yoghurt and fruit products, but given new textures and forms. Having not worked much with yoghurt in the past, we set about testing how we could affect it with hydrocolloids and gelling agents, and we ordered provisions of amazingly colourful liophilised (freeze-dried) fruit powders from Sosa Ingredients.

Powders (clockwise from left) Apple Peel, Raspberry, Strawberry

Walnut Shells containing Bee Pollen

Walnut - Honey Glass set into the Pollen

Apple Juice Gel Spheres set with Alginate and Calcium

'Strawberry Cheesecake', containing three fluid gels, Biscuit, Mascarpone and Strawberry, to be licked from the plate.

In the large side of the container we heaped a pile of Liquid Yoghurt Spheres atop a bed of freeze-dried Crispy Yoghurt, and in the other side, a pile of Cherry 'Caviar' made with Agar Agar, and finished with Cherry Froth

We stuck down the lids with Honey

A shard of Raspberry 'Glass' made with Pectin and Raspberry Puree in a pile of Yoghurt and Raspberry Powders.
Apple Spheres with dried Apple Peel and Puffed Rice powders and Apple Blossom leaves.

The Menu

'Apple Rice Pudding'
Liquid Apple Spheres with Apple Peel and Puffed Rice Powders, Apple Blossom

Raspberry Yoghurt
  Raspberry Glass, Raspberry and Yoghurt Powders

'Cherry Fruit Corner'
Cherry 'Caviar' and Froth, Liquid Yoghurt Beads and Dried Yoghurt Pieces

'Strawberry Cheesecake'
Biscuit, Mascarpone and Strawberry Gels


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