The Lido Cafe Takeover III

Heritage English Tomatoes
Toasted Almond Milk, early Blackberries, Mint and Hampshire Rose Cheese

Monkfish Cheeks,
Twice-cooked, with Marsh Samphire, Pickled Lemons, Chicken Skin and Parsley Sauce

Oxtail 'Tartare'
Cooked for 48 hours and aserved medium-rare with anAlderwood-smoked 62° Egg Yolk,Ruby Chard, Fried Garlic and Rye Bread

Suffolk Large White Pork
16hr Belly with Muscat Grapes, String Potatoes, Wild Fennel, and Chard Leaves
24hr (Sous Vide) Malt and Seaweed- glazed Pork Spare Rib with Plum Sauce

Nitro Aerated Dark Chocolate Parfait
Genoise Sponge, Kentish Cherries and Marsala

Coffee and Snacks


Amanda said...

Wow! I feel blessed to be coming (that is my inner American speaking) Can't wait

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Mint and hampshire rose cheese sounds lovely

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