Eat Your Heart Out Development Day

A day of testing recipes for the Kindle Theatre Company's upcoming performance of 'Eat Your Heart Out' at Bitesize Festival at Warwick Arts Centre on March 6th, 2010. For more information and to buy tickets, click here

`Dried Bonga Fish' from Brixton


Dried Bonito Flakes


'Fish Floss'


Dried Seafood Platter


Taiwanese Dried Tuna


Blackened Bonito Flakes 


Dehydrated Sesame / Tuna / Bonito / Puffed rice


Blood Station


Blood Samples (Violet Syrup, Red Colouring, Arrowroot)




Furtive Chopstick Use 


Roasting Rice Cakes


Rendering fat from Pancetta Afumicata

Charred Rice Cake

The best Pork Scratchings EVER.


Powdered Pancetta fat 'bonemeal'


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