Testing Baked Beetroots

Drying Candied Chilli Pieces for Garnish

Some of the 125 variations

Tweezering the canapés and garnishes into the boxes

Mike standing guard over boxed bites until service

Detail of boxes showing edible printed excerpts from Staying text

Boxes showing bites. At this stage the contents of the boxes were beginning to suffer from the heat of the lights above. They stood strong until service began and throughout !

The audience were talked through the boxes and their contents at the table, some removing the food with their fingers, others braving the whole package.

The Menu

Any of:

  Pomegranate Jelly
  Bitter Chocolate Truffle
  Butter-poached Carrot
  Baked Beetroot
  Raw Pear

Garnished with any of:

  Candied Chilli
  Powdered Salt Caramel
  Dried Lavender Flowers
  Stem Ginger
  Orange Zest

Sitting on leaves of:

 Flat-Leaf Parsley


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