Lost and Found

Blanch & Shock were invited to participate in 'Graham Hudson & The Centre of Attention', a show curated by the Lost and Found group at the Milton Keynes Gallery in December. We produced an evening canapé menu using locally-produced ingredients bought at Towcester Farmer's Market in the morning.  After a quick planning session, we prepped the food in a makeshift kitchen setup across the courtyard, and served six 'bites' to the visitors of the show.

Cockerels fighting outside Pottersbury Farm Shop

Milton Keynes Gallery

An Onion Squash from Towcester Farmer's Market

Prepping in an improvised kitchen.

Ashmeads Kernel Apples

Plating Apples and Goats' Cheeses in Foyer

Serving the Squash

The Menu

Chilli-poached Onion Squash, Goats' Cheese, Candied Beetroot + Stems, Fennel Powder

Ashmeads Kernel, Goats' Milk Cheddar, Elderberry
Egremont Russet, Goats' Milk Blue Cheese, Chestnuts

Beetroot, Celeriac Tops, Hemp-Oil Mayonnaise
Celeriac, Beetroot Tops, Hemp-Oil Mayonnaise

Comice Pear, Toasted Squash Seed Pudding


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