Preparations for Two Commissions, Coventry

We are preparing to produce food for two commissions in the next five days, both to be held in a warehouse which we are renovating especially, and which will be used after we have gone. Our kitchen is a 40ft Portacabin, was strewn with council office ephemera, print-outs of bomb warning protocols, and about forty power points.
Some pictures from notable moments so far...

Our new kitchen for ten days, freshly hoisted in by crane

' Thrash Till Death ' (Local Scenery)

' Refus Resist '

Carpet delivered from light

Carpet brilliantly laid on the wrong side, and scuffed

We covered the floor of our portacabin kitchen with special super-tough carpet-protecting clingfilm. Every step we take makes a sound like Velcro being slowly pulled apart, but we shall not leave stains when we leave. We do not believe in stains...

Our bank of new portable Induction Hobs. Blanch & Shock are going modern

We brought four different kinds of tweezer, sixteen different machines, and a balloon pump, but we forgot mugs for delicious tea.  Porcelain rice bowls are better looking, and you get slightly more.

Making a Sodium Alginate Bath in which we shall persuade liquids to conform to shapes as if solid.

Part of rolled loin of lamb from the AMAZING Berkswell Farmstead Meats, who are just outside Coventry, stock meat from Rare Breeds of many kinds, and are purveyors of some very delicious flesh. Above is a Rolled Blackface Lamb Loin all dressed up with with Rosemary, Garlic and Hemp Oil before being seared and roasted

A last minute menu addition, decided upon after Mike discovered some great-looking Rhubarb, force-grown by candelight in Yorkshire. We are working on making a cordial, infused very lightly with Dried Iranian Rose Petals from Persepolis in Peckham, South London. We cooked the rhubarb en sous vide for two hours, and left it to macerate in the fridge. If we had a bigger freezer, we would ice filter it. but we don't

A bag of Beetroot Juice, heated gently with honey and Calcium Lactate Gluconate. Yum

This kind of arrangement is screaming to have a drip attached to be fed into a person. Maybe a gory Medical Feast is on the horizon

To be continued................................


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