Constructed Jelly Trifle

Blanch & Shock was commissioned to produce an edible sculpture for an event to mark the beginning of a new initiative of regeneration in the Fargosford area of Coventry. The scheme, created by Coventry City Council and Advantage West Midlands will offer subsidised warehouse and studio space for young creative businesses in the area, as well as access to community of media and arts based-companies.

We decided to serve a (de)constructed Trifle, based on the shape of the warehouse the event was held in, and broadly interpreting the stained glass of Coventry Cathedral in the form of 'bricks' of sponge cake and jelly.

The Perspex structure on which we built the trifle. The supporting boxes also housed clusters of LEDs which would shine through the multi-coloured jelly at the event

Beetroot Spheres in various distilled water baths (the calcium in tap water can affect the gel formation). Alongside the trifle, we served a cocktail composed of Bramley and Cox Apple Juices, with Cinnamon Bubbles and Beetroot Spheres ( some of which can be seen in the Drink post).

Needle used in sphere making

Mike with his Amontillado Sherry Jelly, for the roof of the structure

Mint Juice, showing some precipitating Chlorophyll

..and once set

Cinnamon Broth infusing for Bubbles

Ginger Jelly bricks cut and ready to be built with

Building the structure in the space

The Trifle

   + Victoria Sponge Cake

With jellies of:

   + Pomegranate
   + Fresh Mint
   + Root and Stem Ginger
   + Mandarin
   + Amontillado Sherry

Served with:

   +Chantilly Cream
   +Vanilla Custard


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