Jelly Layer Test...

...in which Blanch & Shock try to set an 18 Litre tub of coloured Jelly, in five layers. The aim - to serve an 'augered' core of each layer of Jelly, representing stages of the life of Arts + Media, who commissioned us to design a menu for their closing party.

Dues to lack of cavernous fridge space, we set the jelly on the balcony

Its escape from the mould was heralded by an amazing SCHLOOOOOOOP-y sound.

Some jelly had stayed put, somehow landscaped into contours shaped like a clam

Slicing Test

The intensity of the test got the better of the jelly, which, starting with an innocuous crack, suddenly split, releasing a 4 litre iceberg of sticky colourful squish.

The verdict - FAIL. The reasons -  as subsequently explained to us by Sam Bompas, the jelly was not tapered enough to be able to support itself, and without adding industrial amounts of gelatin (rendering it inedible) it was destined not to work. Back to the drawing board...


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