'Parade' at Chelsea College, May 22nd 2010

As part of Critical Practice's 'Parade', Blanch & Shock cooked a barbecue for speakers and guests in the courtyard of Chelsea College of Art, in the shadow of Tate Britain and the full glare of the summer sun. The Menu was devised whilst shopping that morning at Borough Market and cooked on portable induction hobs and our new charcoal grill, overlooking a metropolis of black milk crates, in which micro-seminars were being held.

  The Menu

+ Beef and Marrow Bone Burgers
+ Lamb and Thyme Burgers
+ Grilled Portabello Mushrooms with Monte Enebro Goats' Cheese

+ Panzanella Salad with English Cherry Tomatoes, Sourdough Bread, Basil
+ Warm Jersey Royal Salad with Tarragon
+ Courgette and English Asparagus Salad with Lemon and Herbs
+ Mixed Leaves (Oakleaf, Radiccio, Lollo Bianco, Frisée)

+ Homemade Lemonade

As soon as service was finished, and the barbecue doused, we headed straight off to Dungeness Beach in Kent to sit under the stars and listen to Dan Jones and James Bulley's amazing sound installation Variable 4.


+ Meat - The Ginger Pig
+ Vegetables  - Booth's
+ Cheese - Brindisa


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