The Endurance - Some dishes from the first week

Sponge with cod's roe and sea lettuce powder

Raw and cooked courgettes with fennel and roasted spelt seeds

Cured bream with pickled radishes, watercress and rapeseed oil

17-hour Tamworth pork belly with smoked plum sauce, puffed pork skin and burnt little gem.

English tomatoes with miso-soaked prunes and Metisse leaves

Brioche doughnuts with green gooseberry sauce

Chocolate milk, made with Madagascan vintage chocolate 'Madirofolo 2008'

Grilled ox heart with parsley sauce, green peppercorns and capers

Hay and malt tart with macerated Jubilee strawberries and lime blossoms.

Malt and beer biscuit with goat's curd, carrots and sea lettuce

Woodpigeon with braised shallots and pickled green elderberrie

Whey ice with sorrel juice, strawberries and lime blossoms

New potatoes baked in embers with smoked yoghurt and crispy chicken skin

Dill-seed cured mackerel with greengages, celery and nasturtiums

Blackberries with yoghurt, malt crumb and lovage


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