Places available for Fresh Cheese Workshop at Stepney City Farm - made with milk from their goats!

Kid goat at Stepney City Farm (Photo: Stepney City Farm)

Please join us at Stepney City Farm on 20th April, to visit the month-old kid goats, and to learn to make fresh cheese. The Dams are very kindly donating a small quantity of their milk with which we will be running a workshop making London cheese, 'certified' E1 origin (yet to be one of the famed terroirs of cheesemaking, but we'll see...).

The workshop will be relaxed and friendly, and is for beginners. There will be a tour of the farm, visiting the goats and picking some garnish, we will bake a little bread, and of course make cheeses. We will be tasting the Stepney cheese against cheese that we will also make with good goat milk from elsewhere, and you are welcome to stay and eat lunch together, or to take your cheese away for later.

Timings are 10am - 1pm, on Saturday 20th April. Places are £25 per person. Directions to the farm are here.

Please note we will be doing some filming during the morning for a promotional video.

A dessert using fresh cheese served at the Wellcome Trust Library.
(Photo: Mike Massaro)